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Sledding Denny Hill – Seattle’s Snowpocalypse

31 Jan

The Winter Lapush

19 May

Cheese Crackers

26 Jan

An old VHS find from the KY vault.

Bats and Staples

25 Jan


24 Jan


30 Dec


17 Dec

TM on SCANtv

14 Nov

I recently just finished editing up a video of Heather Secrist, Ph.D explaining the many studies done on Transcendental Meditation . The video will screen on ScanTV!

As a meditator myself, I found her presentation very interesting.

Did you know that TM has been found in numerous studies to reduce blood pressure, help people with Post-traumatic stress disorder and depression and ADHD, help people with addictions, and bring a since of overall peace to one’s life?

Take a look at some more research done on TM. And David is there!

Enter the Void

12 Oct

I’m so excited to see this that I can’t even stand it.

Scenic Boys

4 Oct

So I recently became a Scenic Boy !
Their pictures are beautiful and courageous and freeing and natural! I had been a fan of their blog for awhile. Somehow I ended up meeting them (Dusty and Garet) and we became quick friends.

I feel very comfortable and welcomed around them. And before I knew it, I was butt naked on top of a snow covered mountain! It was a very interesting experience. Because I tend to do anything for a good shot / good footage, and because I trust Garet with a camera (he’s an amazing photographer), I felt open to this adventure. It was a bit strange at first (and very cold!) but it turned out to be a wonderful experience. It was sorta like slowly relaxing into a natural sense of confidence and grounded limitlessness. Does that make sense?

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