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Secret Shoppers

13 Oct

I am excited to announce the launching of a new project with the local pop band, Secret Shoppers ! This will be there first music video! We’ve already met to discuss some ideas. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress …


Recognize him?

10 Oct

Frank Correa

7 Oct

, originally uploaded by Lauren Max.

I met a new friend . I love his photography. We’re going to collaborate and I’m very happy about it.

6 Demos Recorded

6 Oct

Ben and I just recorded six little demo tracks in his studio. I have written the score for the movie on the piano and so we are just getting down all the themes and ideas. We’ll start building from there …

Check out Ben’s website: Lunaris Arts

Clayton Ryan Images

29 Sep

I’m excited to post this one! I just made contact with a great photographer. His name is Clayton. When I first came across his images, I thought I saw some Gregory Crewdson… … So I asked him about it and he said that Gregory is one of his major influences. He is one of mine too! So we decided that we’re going to collaborate. He’s probably going to help out with some lighting.

Check out his website:

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