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Tough Life

31 Jan

This is a short “reality” experiment that I did with a group of new friends. They asked me to film a night in their lives as young, gay, penthouse-dwellers on the Capitol Hill. This video ended up rocking the boat a bit, in that it started lots of conversation about how gay people treat themselves and each other, and how they present themselves in society. More to come .. 


My First Viral Video!! – “Homo for the Holidays”

31 Jan

A Seattle based show that happens during Christmas, decided to make one of their acts into a short music video. It got over 13,000 views! Sorta a lot …

Peaches – “Rock Show” (Secret Shoppers)

12 Sep

Featuring Secret Shoppers –

“Jinkxalicious” – Jinkx Monsoon

23 Jun

Happy Pride!


Jinkxalicious music video coming soon!

17 Jun

I’m currently editing the Jinkx Monsoon music video that I just shot! It will be out just in time for Pride Weekend!

Gettin’ Noddy!

26 Feb

I just finished this music video for local band, “Noddy“. I think it really depicts how it felt to be there at the show.


My First “Figure Drawing Session”

13 Feb

I had my very first experience modeling for a figure drawing session the other week. My most recent friend, Michael Cepress (fashion designer), was the lead artist in a small art studio in south Seattle. The instructor turned on a few heaters for me and gave me some ideas on how to pose. Behind a white sheet, I took off my clothes, nervous in all the right spots.  And then I stepped out into the light, into everyone’s sight.  Suddenly there were sounds of pencils moving quickly across papers, a soft whispering trail of dark chalk that unfolded an awkward image of me. And then I slowly didn’t mind this experience. It almost turned into a sort of meditation and became quite relaxing. The session lasted three hours.

Modeling for Frank Correa

13 Dec

Frank Correa asked me to hang naked from a tree so that he could snap a quick picture for a show he was doing.

I said yes.

Nudes with Frank

19 Nov

The other night, Frank Correa sent me a text asking if I would pose for a nude photo idea he had. Because I love Frank’s photography, I said “yes, of course”.

So we went into the woods, late at night under the icy moon. I stripped into skin and did what he told me. He had me pull myself up into a tree and let my feet dangle. He took two quick shots of my backside …

It was exciting.

And then a few days later, after the photo had been developed, he sent me a text saying “your ass looks hotmazing!”

I’m excited to work with him again! His show is coming up soon and so I’ll post the info here!

Photo shoot with Clayton Ryan Images

14 Nov

Today I will be modeling for Clayton Ryan Images . He is one of my favorite local photographers because his lighting techniques and his strange ideas are right up my alley! Beautiful and mysterious and sexy …

Clayton: What is one of your favorite animals?

Me: A Squid .. ?

And so he began to make a squid inspired mask out of a burlap sack. Tentacles and all.

Today I will probably be semi-nude with a squid mask on, posing around some body of ice cold water. I’ll be freezing my ass off.  But I trust Clayton that he will get some amazing shots. And I’ll do almost anything for a good photo.

I’ll post them soon!

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