New Music Video: “The Time” by The Black Eyed Peas – Victor Cruz / Featuring: DonnaTell Howe

29 Mar


My new demo reel!

7 Mar



1 Mar

A video I shot and edited for Dermaspace’s website ..


Vito’s Bar – “How to make a Hepcat”

1 Mar

A video I shot and edited ..

Sledding Denny Hill – Seattle’s Snowpocalypse

31 Jan

Tough Life

31 Jan

This is a short “reality” experiment that I did with a group of new friends. They asked me to film a night in their lives as young, gay, penthouse-dwellers on the Capitol Hill. This video ended up rocking the boat a bit, in that it started lots of conversation about how gay people treat themselves and each other, and how they present themselves in society. More to come .. 

My First Viral Video!! – “Homo for the Holidays”

31 Jan

A Seattle based show that happens during Christmas, decided to make one of their acts into a short music video. It got over 13,000 views! Sorta a lot …

Le Faux

19 Dec

Nightmare Fortress

10 Nov

“Capitol Hill Seattle Blog” will be showcasing my videos!

19 Oct

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has asked me to start making videos that depict the atmosphere of Capitol Hill. I’m very excited!

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